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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> bringing change in the classroom, and at home. why lawmakers are taking another look at how parent are punished for kids not showing up school. >> hey jen, where are you at? new spot, and boy is it fancy. >> where she is now, rubbing elbows, about some big-time a listers. ♪ >> straight up 7:00. look who made the paper today, one alex holley, yes, made the paper. oh, my goodness, here is the thing, you know how when you're not feeling well or go out, i'm going to throw something on, then everybody sees you, right? that's he can actually what happened. oh, i wanted to throw something on and i'm wearing a t-shirt, my little grandma sweater and raincoat. used to take pictures in philly wearing their louie vet and. >> you need to wear a big hat when do you that. >> i think when you throw
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yourself together -- >> she still looks great. put your hand on your hip and everything is fine. >> does that save everything, the whole look. start doing that more often. >> did you see what the number was today? >> let's see it now. >> let's do it. >> better than yesterday. i like it, it is 57, we still can't rule out stray shower. and that's why bus top study still has his umbrella, but, we are seeing a mix of sun and clouds out there this morning. rain nearby, down there, near southern part of chesapeake bay, even few thunderstorms, but in our area, not too much to look at but the cloud cover, stray showers here and there, most in southern delaware, there you see the clouds, a degrees -- 55 degrees, not much after breeze, 3 miles an hour, only 48 in allentown, and 45 mount pocono. it is in the mid 50's, in dover, millville, and atlantic city at the moment. so, still expecting plenty of cloud cover, spotty shower here and there, but a little warmer than yesterday.
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we only made it to 06 degrees yesterday. expecting 70 today, bob kelly, and it is really hazy where you're looking right now. >> yes, hazy lazy days of spring, i guess here, 7:02, the talcony palmyra almost complete with a bridge opening. traffic stopped on both sides of the river. the betsy ross, is the best alternate there in the background. so grabbing your coffee and keys and head that way, be ready for a delay. live look, disable on the platt bridge on the southwest philadelphia side. an accident eastbound lanes 422 approach 23, at the bridge here, goes over the schuylkill river. so that is setting us back. we got down wires because of a transformer, surge, out here, in pemberton, pemberton and lakehurst road. so, watch for some local detours, crash in king of prussia, gulph road, gypsy lane. right there by the home depo
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there northeast philly boulevard northbound accident at devereaux, otherwise mass transit looking good, mike and alex. >> police in massachusetts still trying to figure out the motive behind a stabbing spree that left two people and suspect dead police say arthur derosa crashed his car into home in taunton, and stabbed two people there. one of them died. then, police say, drove to mall, crashed through maze i's and began assaulting people there, stabbing more people, killing one of them, before he was shot and killed by an off-duty officer. state police say they found no connection to terrorism in this case. but, we will have live report from town at this coming up at 7:10. >> yes, back here at home, story out of camden, where police are investigating an early morning shooting it happened on south seventh and everett streets, little information released about this shootingment and we're awaiting word on the condition of the victim. and if arrest has been made.
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we'll let you know. >> you decide 2016. hillary clinton in new jersey ahead of next month's primary. >> will be in camden count. >> i she did when, dave, when? >> doors open at 11:00 at camden county college here. see people already lining up, perhaps some diehard supporters, here, at camden county college at the jism that is yum for this event. now, the former secretary of state will bring her campaign through the garren stayed ahead of the june 7th democratic primary where she leads in a average of polls by double digit, clinton campaign says she will talk about jobs, education, and raising wages, here's what she said to her supporters last night in kentucky. >> you could not imagine a more different vision for our country than the one between our side of democrats for progress for prosperity for fairness and opportunity than the presumptive nominee on the
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republican side and that's why it is important we have a big vote on next tuesday because we have got to get ready to go all the way to november to win the general election. >> as you hear right there, clinton already looking toward the general, even with bernie sanders keeping his long shot presidential bid alive with the win last night. hillary clinton setting her sites on donald trump and polls setting its sites on the two candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton as well. it looks like in pennsylvania, in florida, and ohio, they are in a dead heat in that match up, and it is not even official yet. so already an interesting development there. just in the polling numbers. back to you. >> very important state. all right, well, clinton today comes off another setback last night. she lost to bernie sanders in yesterday's west virginia preliminary. clinton is still way ahead,
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though, in the delegate count. bernie sanders most recent win will justify him staying in the race. that's what he said last night anyway. he is staying in until philadelphia. >> and on the republican side, donald trump to the prim areas, why, no one else is running. see chris christie there because a lot every talk about who his vp choice has been. and trump said he narrowed his choice to five or sick candidate. hasn't rule out new jersey governor chris christie. trump says prioritizing political experience because he want the vice president to help him with legislation, world political stuff. he admit he is an outsider that's why people like him. so he needs someone to help him out. >> okay, 7:06. the search is on for the person who mace add cop in the face. >> and it all started when the officer tried breaking up a big street fight in north philly. what, 57 people, steve?
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>> had everything but vince mcmahon, hulk hoe hogan, dunn err time across from school and rec center kids among the witnesses kind of north philly version of the wwe's royal rumble. the corner of 25th and dime, you see here, is the ring, 75 going at it, and again, mostly women, police told us, after somebody in the crowd pepper sprayed one of the philly housing authority officers in the face, 20 more officers showed up to help, because, the radio went out for the always dreaded officer assist call, and it could have been worse in a lot of cops minds as they ran to help. but 20 isn't going to try to break up 75 real easy either. but, eventually, both people and pepper spray dispersed just one of those 75 arrested for disorderly conduct, not the one with the pepper spray. the officers had his eyes flush at the hospital, and driven home last night by 9:00, he knows now first-hand howie negative pepper spray is, mike, you mention, a lot
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of these guys get sprayed in the face intentionally in training, in the academy, so they know, bridges back the memory of mike chip wood the superintendent of upper darby getting intentionally tazed in training. the greatest youtube video maybe in the history of u tubes. >> that's right. speaking every video, if 75 people are fighting, how come there is no safe phone footage of this? >> somebody had to have pulled out their camera. >> again, trying to pick a person out in the middle of 57 with a can of spray which you can put on key chain is probably tough as well. >> very true. >> some footage will be released you can bet. 7:08. >> lauren. >> yes, mike jerrick. >> talk to me. >> all right, new information in the you had ever every king son ton woman. murder inside their home, 25 year old juan camacho faces several charges including murder sex youth assault for the death of 27 year oliver coon rodriguez, spangled her monday morning in their home before calling nine the 11 and
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admitting to the crime. rodriguez ease mother lives in florida she told tv station there her daughter broken up with camacho, also said he texted her apology after the murder. investigators hoping surveillance fight and leads them to the driver behind hit-and-run in west philadelphia. that driver, nearly killed a man, riding his bike at 52nd and spruce streets around 2:00. this was yesterday morning. the footage shows the white suv ramming the cyclist from behind, in the video, the driver is on the wrong side of the road, and speeding right through a red light. moments later a passing car pulls over to help the victim who remains hospitalized in stable condition. >> police in camen donald trump county, van rising cars, when homeowners turn down the request to buy magazines, police say, these two had been going door-to-door in voorhees, they're trying to sell magazine, but when people say no thanks, police think they vandalized vehicles in retaliation, five cars, are damaged, on ten bee chase and williams feather drive. court hearing scheduled today
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for the american airlines co-pilot suspected every being drunk moment before his philadelphia bound flight took offment john mcguire, currently facing charges for operating under the influence. back in march, he was removed from a detroit to philadelphia flight before it departed, from the detroit metropolitan airport. authority say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. mcguire not expected to attend today's hearing, but his lawyer says he is an outstanding pilot, who just wants to return to the cockpit. mike anal next. >> 7:10. well, some of the nation's best rowers will be on the schuylkill river this weekend, for the dad vail regatta. i love event every year. thousands come out for the annual rowing competition. but, there is a concern. that the event could be in jeopardy. have you heard about this? the schuylkill river, has not been dredged since the year 2,000. sixteen years ago. that means, the river bed is building up with mud and silt and sediment. the army corps every engineers
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is responsible for doing this drunk g, but they've not had the money needed to do it. now, there is the problem. this is what the schuylkill river look like back in 1934. during the depression. when the city could not afford to dredge due to the great depression. you can see, boathouse row in the background, and all of that mud built up. look how shallow, just trickle. no word right now on whether the schuylkill river will be dredged again. but you got to hurry up and do it. i know i talked to sole college student over on boathouse row, and there is silt and mud building up just off the docks where they are putting the skulls in. >> quincely try to learn how to row today on the schuylkill river. >> he is in a boat right now actually posing on his instagram. >> already in the boat. do you call it a boat or is it a skull? a skull, isn't it? skull, skinny shell? ya. >> 7:11. >> a search warrant that was supposed to be sealed
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providing new details investigation into prince's death. so according to this warrant, a minnesota doctor saw prince twice in the month before his death, including the day before he died. >> that doctor identified as michael today prescribed medication, and spokeswoman for the medical center where that doctor worked says he no longer works there several marks, unmark, were seen at pacely park again yesterday. sheriff saying it is part of a complete investigation that they're doing. south of boston, following development on the deadly spry. >> two people are dead, several other hurt, as man carried out the attack in a neighborhood and at mall. that will man eventually shot and killed by off duty cop. >> so did he know the people at the house where the stabbing spree started, michael? >> from what we understand, mike and alex there is was completely random crime.
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both scenes attacking at random innocent people who lost their lives. >> this all happened here, started to happen here, in the town about 40 miles south of boston here. you can see, some of the police tape still up. last night this whole road was block off. and a good portion of the mall which i'll tell but in a moment was also shutdown. but i want you to know this morning we are learning that the stabbing suspect reportedly hospitalized for mental illness, just a day before going on this rampage. that might give us a little bit of insight as to yes was attacking random people. d.a.'s office says the 28 year old suspect forced his way into a home, stabbed two women, including 80 year old woman who later died suspect drove wildly today mall, crashed into the macy's, and there the man assaulted even more people before making his way knobbier tucci restaurant,
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stabbing more people, including 56 year old employee who lost his life. that's when as you mention an off-duty sheriff deputy pulled out his gun and shot and killed the suspect. so despite these revelations, about history of mental illness, the question is still out there. why did this man. >> at the home where it all started, you mention 80 year old woman died. the other person her daughter also stab, how she doing this morning? >> we know the injuries were serious, but as of this morning we have not been able to get an update, all of course hoping she does end up surviving. >> just random house, weird. >> and hospitalized the day before. >> yes.
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>> royal story, people living in the west torresdale area, getting out their shovels and brooms, not to get rid of snow, or -- >> too late for that. >> caterpillars, say thousand, millions of them. >> seems to be happening all the sented. this is eastern tent caterpillars. >> yes. >> harmless to people, they can be disastrous, they say they're everywhere. >> this happens each spring along chester feel road. >> this year resident tell us they've never seen so many. it is so bad, like you said, mike, that's been using brooms, shovels, anything just to clear a path so they can walk. >> when i called the city i said i feel like we're overcome with caterpillars here. i was in the house, i had one on my shoulder. >> normally, attach themselves like cherry trees, maple trees. but man, it is wild. so, look at all of the webs and stuff. >> oh, wow. >> so sue, we are going to send chris murphy out there for a live shot. i want to see what this looks
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like, you know, liver on the air. >> are these the casino that become butterflies? >> let's check. >> imagine, all of the butterflies we're going have? >> beautiful. >> can always find the bright spot, sue. >> that's right. cup see the one doing the worm? doing real good job of the worm. >> hey, we red the very hungry caterpillar when we were little. did you? >> oh, ya. >> oh, ya, stick your little finger in the book. anyway, here is the allergy report for today. tree pollen is actually down from yesterday, when it was extreme. now it is just very high. we have moderate grasses, and mold spores outside our kind of very high as well. weeds, not issue yet precipitation we've been watching, stationary front parked to the south, spreading some rain, spotty, thunderstorms earlier, today, about 22:30, 3:00ment, millsboro the only place we can find showers. 5 degrees our current
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temperature, not bad start to the morning in philadelphia. we're seeing mostly cloud cover. but a little bit of sunshine. forty-five in mount pocono, where they've got much more sunshine than we do. fifty-two in dover. where they are socked in with clouds. 72 degrees our average high temperature. and we're going to see temperatures remain above or below average i should say today. well, maybe, maybe we hit 72, we will be lucky to get to 07 with all of the clouds, and peak of sunshine here and there. around average thursday, friday, even saturday, but the cold front that comes you there friday will bring thunderstorms in the afternoon, cold front that comes through saturday, little weaker, but it will cool things off sunday. so, we go from lower 70s, on saturday, to lower 60s, on sunday. and then we stay in the upper 60s monday and tuesday. so, phillies come back to town, doing pretty well lately, bob kelly, but we have to watch for storminess. >> yes. >> maybe, welshing maybe even rain delay there, especially friday night with those thunder boomers.
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yes, michael, a. >> i. >> yes. sue wanted to know what the eastern tent caterpillar turns into, not a butterfly, but the moth. >> oh,. >> the eastern caterpillar moth. >> not all caterpillars turn into butterflies. >> apparently not. blends in micely with the bark. >> i hope they have trees at lobiondo case. >> well, where they are coming from, trees across the road, yes. here we go. see that, learn something every day. michael go to the front of the class. sister laverne very proud of you, giving you little gold star on your collar there. >> coffee for you, live look at 95, southbound, jammed into girard avenue. normal morning rush hour. we will back up here on the blue route. southbound coming out of mid-county headed down through the schuylkill. 422, earlier accident, causing delays, about 20 minute from oaks in through kop. otherwise, delays starting to build on the schuylkill expressway. on 476. we talked about that dad vail
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regatta, as we go for parachute ride into the kelly driver. row letters arrive tomorrow. the teams will come in. they bring their boats, or what do they call them, skulls, okay? so see all of that action coming into boathouse row tomorrow. then the actual races themselves will be on friday, and saturday, so watch for that closure beginning tomorrow on the kelly drive. >> phillies ended long road trip where they got to play three games in atlanta first one last night. >> so atlanta native adam morgan getting the start for the phillies. he pitched seven innings, only giving up one run, he had to be good this this one, didn't get much help from the office. >> as per usual. says after hernandez gets a base hit in the fifth to give the phillies two to one lead. oh, maikel franco would add an insurance run with a homerun in the seventh. mr. gomez, picks up the 12th save of the year. you know, that's the best in
7:20 am
the major leagues. the phillies last seven wins have all been by one run, they are 12 and three, and one run games. this year, that's the best record in baseball. well, for one run games. you know, that pitcher gomez i was just talking about, did he give up a leadoff homerun in the bottom of the ninth. didn't look good. but then he saved it. >> thank goodness. >> to make it one run game. >> yes. we like those one run games. >> now, say it three times. >> one run game. >> one run game. >> toy boy. >> it has been ten years since one of the most memorable l games in sports history, watch this guy face. may 11, 2006. go, go, go. oh. the blood, aaron, slam his face against the centerfield wall. oh, he broke his nose. but it helped the phillies beat the mets, two to nothing. after the game aaron was asked
7:21 am
for what, what? his answer, who, the team, for what to win. extra padding was added to the centerfield wall after the catch. they should call that aaron pad or something like that? >> they should. >> wow. 7:21, big changes proposed for pennsylvania law, tragedy that inspired a bill that would change how parents are pun wished their kids don't show up for school. >> where have i been? i didn't know could you go to jail because your kids haven't been going to school. but they can. >> and then new idea to shorten the lines at airport, one that customers will like. i know i like t what's being proposed actually going to save you time and money. >> totally into it. >> save me some money, hon. >> i here's some money.
7:22 am
pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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>> 7:24, anything that will save you money and weight at the lines, you know, what is it called? >> tsa. >> tsa at the airport. lauren, what's the plan. >> okay, two democratic senators, write a letter to dozen us airlines, and they say, stop with the baggage fees, at least, stop charging
7:25 am
customers to check their bags, this summer. because, anybody who has gone to the airport knows that that line, you know, i hate the wait, trending on twitter, that that line is way too long. and now, these senators are saying: look, i'm going to quote for you, you are putting passengers, not before your profit, you're charging them to check their bags, so they're stuffing all of their items into their carry on bags. and they say, those carry on bags, there is a 27% increase in them, and that's why one of the reasons those lines are getting so long, it is more work for the agent to go through. >> all right, makes sense. let's do it. >> i am so one of those people >> paying $50 for my bags, i'm packing everything to get in those bags. >> and then stuffing it in. >> the struck sell free, so i'll take it. >> what do you think? do you think they'll actually get rid of the baggage fees? >> , no because it makes them monday. >> i working for them.
7:26 am
>> lauren, thank up, see you tomorrow. >> you take the coat and put it over if you have another bag, you know? >> i'm telling you. all right, i had no idea, where have i been? i didn't know could you go to jail if your kids are not going to school. they're truancy rules, and laws. do you have pay a fine. don't pay the fine, go to jail. i never new that. new bill. we will talk to state senator next.
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what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good
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>> coming up on 7:30, rowing on the river. we take you to boathouse row. dad vail regatta. i thank our friend over at drexel, may be on the verge of a world's record. >> nice. >> introduce us to the local girl. >> how does she stay thin? >> name of the book, recipe for adventure, but specifically philadelphia. >> i love it. >> because ten year old girl won a contest, that gianna put on. >> i want to know what she had to do to get this. ten years old, have your book?
7:30 am
amazing. >> have the reindeer near, you may not even need it at all. we have rain moving along the stationary front still park down below us, we've got stray shower in new castle county, really isolated out there, not a big deal. but it is cloudy for most every us, just like here, in old city. and 55 degrees, 3-mile per hour breeze, out of the southwest. we've got 45 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-one in reading. fifty-five in philadelphia, the further south go, the warmer it is, because it stayed cloudy overnight, a five will mink monday, 55 dover. clouds will be with us all day, may get to high of 70 degrees, even with a chance of spotty shower or two, 8:06 your sunset time. that takes care of your
7:31 am
wednesday. seven day forecast, coming up. with of course brighter days ahead. including, the weekend. bob kelly? >> phillies coming home, 42, no problems here, at least as far as the wet roads, down the shore, getting hit with some rain, depending where you begin and end your trip in south jersey, wipers on. but delays coming in toward the walt whitman bridge. twenty minute oaks into 202, no problems for the gang coming out of west chester this morning, your normal delays, both directions, on the schuylkill, i95, for the gang, in the great northeast, heavy from betsy ross into girard, downed wires, along pemberton browns mills road just outside of fort dix mcguirement and mass transit looking good. mike back over to you. >> i try to stay informed.
7:32 am
i miss this one. i don't know how. i didn't know that parent in the state of pennsylvania had to pay fines if their kids didn't go to school. they were trowel and the. and if you didn't pay the fine go to jail. so five daysment pennsylvania lawmakers work to go pass new bill, that is aimed at turning a tragedy into a positive. let me explain this. senate bill 359 would change current laws about how parent are punished for failing to pay truancy fines, right now, law requires a five day, sentence, prison sentence, jail sentence, the new bill would remove that requirement, and instead, mandate its school district get involved before referring to cases, you know, to the court. it stems from a case about a year and a half ago out of berks county. a woman by the name of eileen danino, mother of seven, sent to prison for 48 hours because she couldn't pay $2,000 in truancy fines, her kids left home alone, again, had seven kids, she ended up dying in
7:33 am
jail of other causes. it is something some lawmakers never want to see happen again. joining us now from harrisburg one of the sponsors of the bill. senator judy swing every berks county. thank you for being on good day philadelphia. >> thank you. >> so, did i explain that right? is that the current, the current bill, the current law? >> did you it very well. the thing that i would add is that it depend on where you live, and what school district you're in, as to how that law was applied. i know in berks county, there were many more people that were remanded to the jail, perhaps, other counties, but the point was we never had a state-wide plan to address drew anisi. >> so what would replace the jail time? >> well, what would happen is we know that truancy begins probably in elementary school.
7:34 am
so, with three unexcused absences the school must talk to the parents. >> okay? >> get them to develop a plan with the parents, to make sure that the child gets the school. and the situation continues, there are continued interventions, including at some point asking social services to enter the picture, but the courts don't come into this until the situation gets to the point where something must be done. and, in that case, community service, and fines, are the first resort. >> that sounds right to me. i mean, community service, and fines, but not sitting in a jail cell. so what is the fine right now? if this law doesn't get changed what is the fine now? my kid misses -- has three absences, say, in like a two month period, what is the fine to me as a mom or dad?
7:35 am
>> well, it could be anywhere from 500 to a thousand to $2,000. >> what? >> is what eileen danino was facing which is why she ended up in jail.. how did she die? not sure about the circumstances, we don't think it was necessarily related to being in jail. but nevertheless i am tire situation was a tragediment entire family is left without a mother. taking a parent out of the family, how can that be good for the family? >> it can't. >> what the rods of this bill passing? >> we got this through the senate, unanimous, school board association educating,
7:36 am
many parties interested in this, they seem to be on board. >> now goes to the budget. keep us updated, okay? >> ill. thank you for your interest. >> of course. >> very interesting. >> new way to keep your newborn safe. fresh new babe when they come home from the hospital, you know? find out why one hospital in philadelphia, is putting your baby in a box. >> what?
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♪ ♪ take any day, and squeeze some magic into it. ♪ ♪
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and squeeze some magic into it. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> golden start warriors making major history, the first unanimous most valuable player in the history of the league. >> and he won the award for the second straight year. >> oh, ya. >> but he got all 1,311th place votes.
7:40 am
leaded league in scoring 30 points per game. he is amazing. >> his wife and little daughter come to the press conference, right? now, her name is really, there she is. look at her giving the eye to the reporters. look at me. look at me. >> like i am watching you. i am looking at you. >> i got my eye on you, reporters. >> so cute. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm watching you. and you. >> i wonder if they did anything to make her do that, or she looks to let people know look i'm watching you. >> i bet she does that at home. >> to her mom or something? >> do we have a shot of her mom, never mind. >> i love iesha. >> all right, let's get down by the river. >> yes, because we're getting ready for the dad vail regatta. quincy in a van down by the river matter of fact. >> was he born by the river? >> he's on the river.
7:41 am
>> i'm going to be coach q. he's letting me do. >> this let's go, coach q ready. how is that? >> that's what we need. >> ya. mast past .
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7:43 am
7:44 am
>> 7:44, good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway, this guy, getting on here at city avenue. you noel ' zip all the way up in the left lane. going to go all the way as far as he can go. you know you've all done it. and then you just ac like oh, can i just squeeze in? westbound heavy city out toward belmont. reverse commute. and then of course coming in toward philly, delays on the freeway, heading in toward 295. pennsylvania turnpike, bump 45 minutes from philly out to valley forge, east on 422, earlier accident, setting us back about 16 minutes, into kop. there is your speedometer readings. for the schuylkill, 476, and i-95, heavy from the betsy,
7:45 am
gets real tight there, in toward girard avenue. you have the downed wires in pemberton, right in front of the entrance for fort dix magee, power surge, to one of the electrical transformers, that pulled down the wires earlier this morning. on the roosevelt boulevard northbound accident at devereaux. and then on the blue route today, it is work zone wednesday. they're going to be attempt to go paint some lines between the turnpike and i-95, so, look out for some delays there. otherwise mass transit, septa's looking good, no problems on patco, and new jersey transit, also, in good shape. some areas are seeing some sun, others seeing some rain, sue's got exactly who is seeing what coming up in 15 seconds.
7:46 am
>> oses ball of this frontal system that is stalled to the south. we expect it to stay there today. but, at times, it will sing a little further south, at times it will try to move northwards, eventually moves northwards as warmfront, and we will warm us up in time for tomorrow and part of friday, part of friday. so we have really widely scattered thunder showers, not that thunderstorm, showers, throughout the area, we did see thunderstorms early this morning, so here's one little area that might be where might be raining in ocean view, not too far from bethany beach. >> now, 45 up to the north of us, mount pocono, 52, in dover, delaware, not a bad start to the day, but there are quite a few clouds. >> yesterday, below average with that 60-degree high temperature. >> today to about 70, we will take that, even with limited sunshine, more sun than
7:47 am
clouds, i think, tomorrow, 73 degrees, 72 with those afternoon thunderstorms on friday, and then we have to watch for maybe rain delay for the phillies game friday night. saturday, shower or two, probably in the afternoon, with another cold front. and cooling things off on sunday. so, that's a look at your seven day forecast, it is not all bad, alex? >> true. at least the sun will come back out eventually. okay, so, the series gearing up nor weekend's dad vail regular at, a of course that means quincy harris is too. now, quinn i, you're taking over as coach? i see you have the megan phone? >> 505, what was that, alex? >> i said are you coaching? >> ya, well, i am new coach. this is coach perkins right here. how are you doing? you actually graduated from tell be? >> i did, i'm a temple grad. >> you gave me this wind breaker, this is your wind breaker. >> my jacket from 1991. older than the guys on the team. >> well, listen, we're excited
7:48 am
because the dad vail regatta this weekend, i'm trying to help you prepare. >> thank you. >> because, you know, i'm -- >> world class. >> you said it, not me. our second varsity eight, top two boats right there. >> a loft athletes come to temple university, some first time ever rowing? >> yes, probably six of these guys, guys that never road before in high school, learned to row with us at high school under our coaches. >> high school stands out basketball player? >> evan the big guy, gray t-shirt. >> evan, raise your hands? was a basketball player in high school, now captain of our team. >> wow, the success stories coming out of temple rowing team. what do you want me it do? >> do a practice start, what you will do, pull the crews, say lane one are you ready,
7:49 am
lane two are you ready, attention, go. >> okay. >> all right? >> ready. >> so sit ready. guys, sit ready. >> , they're doing what i say. that's pretty cool. >> say lane one, are you ready, lane two are you ready? >> they should respond. >> lane one, are you ready? lane one ready? >> red. >> i lane two ready? >> red. >> i attention go. >> attention go. how often do you guys practice? >> every day, sometimes twice a day. >> wow, so this takes like a lot of teamwork? >> it does. do you have push your body to it, ultimate limit, but do it at the same exact time as everybody else in the boat. so the synchronize g sort of the polish and the technique and stuff you have to do. >> man, kind of seems as if, you know, you guys have to be like tight-knit? >> yes, spend more time within 60 feet of these guys than you will with your family during
7:50 am
the spring semester. >> okay, and predictions for this weekend? >> you know what, tough race. i think win a lot of the event we're in, seeded pretty highly. so a loft fast crews in the dad vail come out of philadelphia. so top competition all the time. it will be a good race. >> would you ask the cox wayne, whatever call yourself, ask him about the sediment. i hear the schuylkill needs to be dredged is it affecting the race at all? >> we have a lot of depth, up here not that big after deal for us. but down on boathouse row, you step in mud, you get water out there. big problem for them.
7:51 am
>> right here real excited because you guys will have your new boathouse. >> temple boathouse, temple boathouse, and temple boathouse begin this year. >> thank you very much. >> you know about the dredging, mike and alex? back to you guys in the studio. >> army corps of engineers will have to do it, and they need $3 million. and they don't have it. >> thank goodness it won't get in the way of that. most common reasons couples give for not getting intimate. >> oh, like a headache oring? >> ya, honey, i can't tonight. i have a headache. >> and big meeting in the morning. >> we have five of the top reasons you're not having sex. the excuses. >> caterpillar take over, on our way to check out the situation in the northeast. well, people are saying there are so many caterpillars they have to shovel a path of just the walk. >> oh, look at all of the goo. >> oh, my gosh, i can't.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> preston and steve, i'll tell you what's going on, not much. found this new survey excuses people use not to have sex with their husband or wife. here they are. i'm too busy. i'm sick. i don't feel well. >> i feel fat. >> i feel fat. stop bothering with me about it. >> quit hassling me for sex. >> i'm board. >> i i'm board, i can't be bothered, preston, we start with you. what's your number one go to excuse? >> lack every respect for what my wife does around the house. >> no, no no. having a conversation about that. generally the excuse that comes up for either one every us, and it is, you know, with three kids i'm just too damn tired, we are running around, schedule just too much, and all the sudden we're alone in the house and we lock at each other and go i'm too tired to do this. >> ya, that ten to be the main one that i -- >> i almost hate to ask steve.
7:56 am
>> steve? >> you haven't paid my pimp, i have crabs, pants are too tight, smell like cheese. >> what? >> toast are the four. >> that's actually -- >> oh, all right, cathy, you're next. >> same thing, tired, i don't know, it is an excuse. it is true. we're just tired. >> legitimate excuses or -- >> well, you know? >> are any excuses legitimate? >> expert says these are not good excuses. >> okay. >> you should just come out and say you know what? >> not tonight. >> i just don't want to right now. >> let me ask you guys, though, when you hear that. i think everybody sort of takes it as a little bit of a hit, right? you try to be understanding, of course. okay, i get it, you work very
7:57 am
hard, whatever. but you got -- it kind of hurts little bit when somebody rebuffs your advances. >> oh, ya. >> i mean, you know? are they saying will you be honest it is quicker if you go knock one out myself? >> oh, right. >> it is so much easier sometimes? >> it is honestly. unless -- >> guys, i made a business meg take. >> what? >> i am now engage today a woman quite a bit younger than i am. >> oh? >> and so i'm the one making the excuses. >> her appetite is -- >> her appetite. >> well, what do you use, mike? >> i -- i -- >> my hip is out? >> no. listen, you know what? they say that will keep you young. you will stay younger because of that. yes. >> i normally use the excuse of a stomach ache or i have gas. >> oh? >> that will work. >> gas or diarrhea. >> oh, which i have. >> and i'm trying to convince him to eat piece but he won't do it. >> it binds you. >> it does binds me, but she does turn me on. >> you and steve will get
7:58 am
along great. >> i would ask nick but he's not having six. >> well, you might be surprised. >> i'm inning single, so the only person saying no to me is me. so like when you start dating you don't really have that excuse. >> no you. >> don't use it. >> just go to the next person? >> casey boy? >> i disgust my wife, so -- >> disgust? >> g then everything is taken care every, ya. so i don't even go there. ya. >> the thought repulse i have to me. >> the spirit, i've lost the spirit. >> a conversation john merrick never had. >> feel so de plated. >> well, i'm discusting.
7:59 am
>> it turned into springer? >> take care of each other. >> oh, my gosh. >> we witnessed a fistfight today, but try to love each other. >> ya, two try to love each other. you know what i mean? see you next week. >> thanks, guys. >> take care. coming up on eight, will what's today the 11? >> wednesday may the 11. here is 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> pacely park, why investigators are searching prince's estate, plus, who the musician met with just one day before his death. thinking outside the box?
8:00 am
a local hospital is sending babies home in boxes, the important reason why they say it is the safest thing possible for your newborn. >> phillies own kevin bacon is on good day. >> another famous face. she is a chef. teaming one local ten year old. >> one of my favorites, and gianna in the green. green room. look at this book she wrote. uses the words philadelphia specifically. see it? right there in the blue skies. >> oh, ya. >> recipe. >> philadelphia. >> i like it. >> right. also, a two week old baby is in the green room.
8:01 am
>> really? >> diaper change. >> and in a cardboard box. >> oh? >> but it is a good thing. >> okay? >> we'll explain. >> seven out of ten, here is bus stop buddy, baby once. i guess. well, he's perpetually eight years old actually, temperatures in the four's, 50's, he has the up bella in case. there have been few spotty showers around, but, not too much. as you see, when we zoom in on our area, just a little bit of green here and there. whole lot of cloud cover, though. we haven't seen much sun today. it is trying to burn through the clouds, 56 degrees, is our current temperature, we've got 50's just about everywhere now. specking high of around 07 degrees, we get enough of the sun peaking through, 59 by 9:00. sixty-seven by lunchtime, can't rule out stray shower sunset 8:06. enough numbers for you bob
8:02 am
kelly. >> remember get new fledge, get to play in the box? that was big, that was big look, westbound right at the city avenue off ramp, rescue crews on the scene, 42 freeway northbound, bumper to bumper from the black horse pike in toward philly. and an accident right at route 41, so jammo coming in from south jersey head in the toward that walt whitman bridge. up in pemberton, new jersey, northbound devereaux, speedometer readings on the schuylkill expressway, westbound, accident ' city then south on 95 heavy from the betsy on into downtown, turnpike heavy 42 minute trip from philly over to vale forge, and slow going east on 422, coming in toward kop. mass transit, though, looking
8:03 am
good. mike and alex back over to you >> way ahead in the delegate count, but bernie sanders, most recent win, will justify him staying in the race a little longer. >> he says he's going to stay in this race until we get to philadelphia. >> a loft people are saying it is casino of impossible. >> secretary of state trying to drum up support here. >> june 7th. >> holding campaign rail i a camden county college. >> that's where we find one dave kinchen. he is live. hi, dave. spy supporters, doors open here at the gym open at 11. event starts at 1:00.
8:04 am
former secretary of state bringing her campaign through the garden state ahead of the june 7th democratic primary, though here in the garden state she leads in a average of polls by double digits, clinton campaign said she will talk about jobs and raising wages, here is what she said to her supporters last night at kentucky. >> what was the best year? 2,000. why was that? we were on the right track, but republicans came back with their failed economic positions. we know what happened, the worse since the great depression. >> locking ahead to the general election, and get this, quinnipiac swing state pole, that says, in pennsylvania, in florida, and
8:05 am
ohio, that it is a statistical dead heat between hillary clinton and a donald trump match up. so, interesting development there. whether we are still in the primary stage of all of this, back to you. >> dead heat. still quite a ways out, of course. okay, 8:05. on the republican side, donald trump took two primaries yesterday, because he didn't have anybody to run against him. why do we have chris christie? governor of new jersey in a double box situation. because donald trump says he's narrowed his vp candidates down to five or six, and everybody thinks chris christie is still in that mix. what do you think? is that too northeastern, new york guy, jersey guy, on one ticket? >> we shouldn't go off with what happened in the past. >> this election season just completely different. you never know. >> unlike any other campaign. he knows that chris christie will stand behind him literally. >> yep. police in massachusetts still trying to figure out what the motive was behind this
8:06 am
stabbing spree yesterday afternoon and evening. we'll have with people dead and suspect shot to death by police. police say arthur derosa crashed his car into the front of this town town mall, into a macy's store, the entrance there to the macy's store, taunton is a small fairly small town about 40 miles south of boston. so two people dead and the stab err, this arthur derosa, again, was shot just outside of the mall by an off-duty police officer who happened to be in the area. they think the whole thing just random people being stabbed by a mental patient. >> 8:06. more arrest toss come after big street fight involving 75 people in north philly. arrested in the area of 25th and diamond around 6:30 last night, police officer ended up getting maced in the face when he tried to get in there and break it up.
8:07 am
one woman has been arrested so far. >> i'm still shock we don't have any footage. seventy-five mostly women, fighting, up in north philly. surveillance camera right there. >> not even that. people with cell phones. >> oh, ya. >> you would think stuff would be around social media, something. >> we will find it, 8:07. investigators set to return to prince's estate in minnesota today. with another search warrant just like they did yesterday afternoon. >> so, lauren, they did raid yesterday at the compound? >> that's right. number of mark and unmark cars arrived at pacely park near minneapolis. according to search warrant minnesota doctor saw prince twice in the month before his death. including the day before he died. officials say doctor michael todd huelen berg treated prince april 7th, that was the day he canceled his show in atlanta and then again on april 20th, prince died on april 21. he did some tests, and prescribed medications, and prescriptions, for an unknown ailment. now, according to the warrant, it didn't specify what types of medications, spokeswoman
8:08 am
for the medical center where that doctor works says he's no longer working there. investigators, looking into whether prince died from an overdose, mike and alex, so it is interesting, because we're finding out the doctor was coming to him that day, to deliver the test results. but we don't know what the test was for. >> boy, getting more like the michael jackson case, isn't it? sadly. >> it is. unknown. >> keep us updated on that one, lauren, 8:08 now. >> well, the man who nearly died after falling through a glass ceiling, yes, glass ceiling at the road and museum here in philadelphia, has reached settlement worth almost $8 million with the philadelphia museum of art and a security company. fell 40 people through the glass sealing, survived, reached settlement more than
8:09 am
$7 million. attorneys for the man say he spent more than month in the hospital. and he had to have more than a dozen surgeries. >> wow. >> yes, pretty close to $8 million. all right, we are live at philadelphia international airport. where the red cross is getting ready to send volunteers to alberta, canada, to help with that out of control wild fire. >> the group of volunteers includes three people, from right here in our area. and you can see there checking in there probably getting boarding ticket. we've been following this story because what nearly nine the thousand people had to be evacuated. >> town gone. this massive wild fire, look at this thing! they're getting a hold on it now, though, thankfully. way up north of alberta, fort mcmurray, fort mcmurray, right, like you said, 90,000 people fire officials still
8:10 am
expect to be months before the fire is finally all the way out might be a month before it is completely extinct wished. >> then the rebuilding. >> nothing left. >> 1500 firefighters are working on the fire. >> but 90,000 people don't have a home any more. the town's gone. >> so great to be some people from our area going to help out. >> good for you. >> all right. >> you know what's bugging me? infested local neighborhood covered in hundreds, no, it is thousands, no, maybe a million! >> caterpillars crawling all over the place. >> where all of these caterpillars are coming from. chris murphy will go experience it live. >> thinking outside of the box. local hospital is sending babies home in cardboard. >> what? >> i guess should be thinking in the box. the important reason why they say it is the safest thing possible for your newborn.
8:11 am
put them in a box. >> so the idea is casino of out of the box, you're right, but in the box. >> out and in. look at 'em! they're lovin' their vegetables.
8:12 am
this is huge news! it's all thanks to our birds eye chef's favorites side dishes perfectly sauced or seasoned. what are you..? shh! i'm live tweeting. oh, boy. birds eye. so veggie good.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> shower activity not big deal, but it is there. 56 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, mid 50's, just about everywhere else. we expect to get to high of around 07 today. with a little bit of sunshine, whole lot of clouds. more sunshine than clouds tomorrow changing for thursday, but friday afternoon, thunderstorms. should make a lot of noise bob kelly on friday afternoon. >> phillies game in on time, good morning, everybody, 8:14, live look at an accident, looks like it is southbound, i95, approaching the blue route. 476, they got police, they got fire, look at everybody all gathered around the car there. so my guess is that they definitely have somebody hurt. so if you are headed south 95,
8:15 am
down near the blue route, look out, a crash coming in toward philly. north on the 42 freeway, route 41. and mass transit looking good. baby alert. mike and alex back to you. >> feels like fresh babe. >> i yes, temple university hospital embarking on year long stud toy determine if giving baby box toss new moms free of charge will lower the infant mortality rate. >> some boxes already being used in other part of the worlds, i think, the scandanavian countries may have started this, pretty much great success. so doctor megan is here from the medical director of the well baby nursery at temple university hospital. >> also, jennifer rodriguez is with her, and you are an rn, is that right, jen? >> yes, direct over of nursing service. >> great title. all right, let's bring in the
8:16 am
mom. mom amanda down on the end. >> hello. >> let's pretend you're at temple hospital right now. jen, the nurse, is going to hand you parker. rupp ready? >> yes. >> this is your babe. >> i thank you. >> now put him in a box. >> okay? looking at sids, our research shows mothers do not completely comply with all of the recommendations, such as alone, on their backs, in their own crib, if they don't have a place for the baby to sleep or haven't received education adequately from people in the hospital. >> are you telling me some people don't have like a crib ready when they get home? >> so unfortunately some of our patients don't have a crib. other ones do have a crib but honestly you need somewhere for your baby to sleep, the more play cents you have the more likely -- >> well, they think it is okay, oh, mom do it, it is fine? >> sleep in the bed with you? >> yes. right. that's what we're trying to prevent. >> what's the empty box for? >> the empty box, this is what
8:17 am
the box looks like when you should put your baby in it, so if we can -- >> parker? >> imagine this table -- >> correct. >> you always put the box on the floor. >> doctor correct. >> amanda, come here. slide parker into the box. >> okay? >> parker is darn cute. >> so cute. >> it says temple made. >> as you can see, parker on his back, alone, and in his own crib. you see, too, no loose bedding in the crib, or bassinet for this case. there is also we want to recommend against crib bumpers, we do have actual crib, don't use bumper, other things in the crib, like stuffed animals, toys, nothing like, that very basic, boring. >> jen, why don't you take over, what's in the box, the other box? >> so this was our stage two box. so we have halo sleep sack, we don't want loose blankets around, we have safety community resources, that's re sore cents for all of our new
8:18 am
moms. we also have a tip sheet from the philadelphia police department. on how to keep your family safe. you can see the picture. >> look. >> it is a sack. >> a sack? >> so it is a sack in a box? >> yes. >> philadelphia fire department, do not have a smoke detector, call 311, someone will come out, install them to you. tip sheet. >> you got some wet ones. >> a loot of resources in there. >> we have some deeper. >> diapers. >> now, doctor, i have a question for you, watching parker over here. >> right. >> now, we may be tempted, because he is moving around a lot, butting in should go in his box? >> just parker. if you choose to use a pacifier, that can also be in the box, if he want to use that. >> okay? >> but that's mom's choice. but yes, basically very basic newborn sleep alone on their backs in their own crib. >> is this a year long study
8:19 am
then, what happens after a year? do without the boxes? >> hopefully. so the study we are funded for a year, we would love to continue it, and maybe partner with other local organizations, because keep this going. but, we are going to look at outcomes to our research, research before this shows the moms need places for baby to sleep. we'll give them one. increase the education. >> hope more babies stay alive. >> so what will happen? we go to the parking lot now, amanda, i'm pretend. >> of course. >> how do you do it? >> look. >> oh, just take them down, put them in the trunk? >> no, why don't we just get mike away from the baby? >> don't put the top on the boxer? >> definitely don't put the top on the box. >> the lid is for storage. >> oh, only storage, mike? >> okay? >> it can be used for storage. the babely outgrow the box. >> how long should he sleep in the box. >> size of standard bassinet,
8:20 am
about two, three month. >> okay. >> real would prefer in you don't touch the box. >> really? trying to get a better shot. >> parker has good shots. >> see the pose here? he's relaxed. >> to tell you the truth, i would like to be in the box. >> we'll have to see if we can get a mike jerrick size box. >> adult size, looks comfy. >> cool idea. let us know how it goes. >> thank you so much. >> and thank you for sharing parker with us. >> oh, thank you, parker. >> don't get up. swim suit for your body type. oh. i have a hard time. >> we see that on magazines, right? but this one is different. where this article appears that has a lot of people upset. >> and orlando bloom, is he cheating on cheney -- katie perry? he was spotted cuddling with a a lister, in public. >> what? >> what could this mean? >> i don't know. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:24 am
top ten? >> no, i like where are you now? another question. >> all right. hey, don't you dare ask justin bieber for a selfie. he's sick of it. he's had it. you won't get it. he says he's done taking pictures with fans, out in public. ya. >> posted instagram now, and he said he kind of feels like zoo animal. people don't see him as human, they feel entitle, no, you have to take a picture with me, i realize people will be disappointed but i don't owe anybody a picture, people say oh, but i bought your albumn. know i got your albumn. you know what you paid for, albumn. doesn't say in fine print whenever you see me you get a photo whatever you like, what i am doing, how i am feeling.
8:25 am
>> why not just make that your rule, why do you have to put it in print? >> so people will know. what do you mean? how will they know? >> sounds like spoiled brat. sounds like a brat. >> wa. wa. wa. >> everybody's always judging him all the time. maybe just feels like, hey, guys, give me my face. >> his tool a going to get all russ. >> i maybe all rude. >> hey, in march, justin canceled all his fan meet and greets, saying that they left him drained unhappy from other people's spiritual energy. just zapping his energy. >> ya. >> maybe he's. >> got to be over 21, maybe still piney away for salina gomez, maybe moved on. >> i didn't even know orlando bloom was dating salina gomez. >> i didn't think he was. >> apparently finding love in the club though. >> what due mean? >> "tmz" got pick for the two hooking up in vaguest, look at
8:26 am
that. >> look at this, not even caring. oh, my gosh. >> explain this to me? >> club light,. >> ya, mandol ebay. >> when you've been drinking and it is a fright, who knows how old you are, right? >> look, hold on. i'm getting confused now. >> what? >> isn't he still dating katy perry? >> i wonder how she reacted when she saw these picks? >> oopsla, oopsla. >> do you think just hook up or something to it? >> no, looks like they're in a club in the middle of the night making out. >> in public usually that means either ' too ugh, or it means hey hey, been doing it in private, why not in public? >> no way you can have privacy
8:27 am
at a club this day and age. >> jen in south of france, at the can music festival. who are you seeing, jen? >> i've told you that i'm in can. but i haven't told you what the heck is going on here. you're going to see the famous red carpet, and the steps in just a minute. >> and check overload. does your family need a digital die net. >> yes. >> why kids are actually craving limit on their screen time. and how everyone can again fit from this. spent more than 30 years in the public schools. we're retired, but we like to stay involved. you think he's going to learn to fly?
8:28 am
we're just as busy now as in our teaching days. the same goes for a lot of the retired educators we know. let me see you all flap your wings, like you're penguins learning to fly. teaching is all about building relationships. and that never goes away. because once a teacher, always a teacher. we're ed and miriam, and we're proud to be new jersey educators.
8:29 am
want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen for 5 shades whiter teeth. brush, whiten, go! no mess, no waiting, no rinsing. colgate optic white toothbrush plus whitening pen.
8:30 am
>> it is he can actually 8:30. look at this. >> we've got big stars on good day this morning. a chef and bacon. >> that goes together, doesn't it? >> i get it, it is kevin bacon. and one of the top chefs in the world. >> and his new film will have
8:31 am
you rethinking your next vacation. >> well, made a horror film. it looks pretty good, called darkness, and she is lightness to me. giana is here in studio by the way with a ten year old girl from our area and oh, we'll explain. she's fantastic. >> pucker up. in front of the kids, though? should you show your affection when the kids are around, like kissing and hugging little bit, maybe little rubbing? >> how your children impact. >> rubbing is racing. >> all right, let's get back to the south of france. jenn fred? jenn fred. where are you at? >> at the can film festival. >> starts today. >> go. >> ladies and gentlemen, i am not in philadelphia any more. jennaphr frederick, making her debut, do you say can or kah (in america we say can. i can say can, so i'm going with can. here is what i want you to
8:32 am
know, this is the whole thing, ladies and gentlemen. we talked about this earlier in the show, where woody allen and the stars of his new film are literally going to open the festival. they'll walk up, so famous red stairs, you know, last year, much was being made of the fact that the laid his to wear a gown. they needed high heels. they needed to look drop dead gorgeous. but the weather right now is not very drop dead gorgeous friendly. it is supposed to clear up later today. so the camera guys are already in place. check it out over there. yes, the world press is here to check out among other people julia roberts, george clooney, ryan gosling, and we mentioned this earlier, as well. this is julia roberts' film debut at the festival. >> so look over here. hine me, where all of the parties are going to be happening, all of the deals are going to be made, this is where hollywood makes their
8:33 am
money, right? because the big films, they get little bit of action. then there are all of these smaller philadelphia many, what they called the did anes market, if you want a film to get going, maybe you can sell it here. movie lovers paradise. it is cents a hollywood stalker's best friends, because, you know, there is going to be a-listers all around here. so again, get your high heels on. get your hair done. i know it is a little bad for the weather. and i'll be seeing you in a few minutes, again, making cannes debut. >> yeah! >> she has an entorage now, somebody to hold the stinking camera for her. >> what is she going to be like when she comes back smear. >> a mess. just imagine what she going to see. every year, at the cannes festival, star after star after star, and she is standing there right now. and then you have to walk up those stairs, and then back down the stairs after the big awards are given out.
8:34 am
oh, ya. by the way, jen, sue serio, is about to meet one of the biggest music stars in the world. >> really? >> really? >> she is a lucky girl, isn't she, sue? >> male, female? >> it is a male. >> okay. >> okay. all right. bigger than buddy? >> no. >> they're about the same size. >> so funny. always have the umbrella nearby. you could encounter stray shower. but it is more likely just see a loft clouds. you see some more rain, headed our way, not a lot, but that's the deal. just a spit or stray shower here and there, and whole lot of cloud cover. with the sun trying to come through, it is 56 degrees, right now, the clouds are winning at the moment. fifty-five mount pocono. fifty-three wrightstown. fifty-four dover, delaware. and we're going to head to high of 70 degrees today, with mostly cloudy skies, and a spotty shower or two tonight. it is cloudy, not as cool as last night.
8:35 am
58 degrees overnight. will the sun ever return full force? we'll let you know in the seven day forecast coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning, 8:35. you know, the mother of the babe that i just left alex said amanda said that she dropped this off. she said you really like this little baby shirt. and wanted you to have it, so i don't know if there is a reason why you wanted a little bunny is? >> oh, look at you starting to start stuff. i might be able to fit in it. >> i know, just your size, alex. she also left me a diaper. >> oh, that's because you need to change the diaper in the green room. >> that's right. >> 8:35. good morning shall everybody, south on 95, an accident, right near 476. still being work on, all in that left lane there. so, if you are headed south, accident right at the blue route, and then northbound gaper delay, right there, in delco. and that accident, north on the freeway, causing delays from pretty much route 41, in through the walt whitman bridge. there is your jam cam, as you head in toward philadelphia. back up little bit on the benny coming into downtownment and we still have those downed
8:36 am
wires, blocking pemberton browns mills road at lakehurst, just outside of fort dix mcguire. mike and alex back over to you. >> all right, gospel singer todd delaney is here. now the reason why we wanted to book him he has number one gospel albumn in america right now. >> he'll perform and we want to hear his anthem. >> yes, the name of the song all right. he's here live.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> 83:89. couple of new cameras, alex holley. you want to see? >> yes indeed. >> we always look down market street. now have a camera looks out onto fourth street and our neighbors, oh, can i tell you a secret. >> what? >> you see the bourse building there on the left?
8:40 am
>> yes. >> this white building is the build that has wip in it. >> yes? >> philadelphia business journal? and sometimes for my little -- from our conference room, i can look in, watch people working. >> you creep on people. >> i creep on people. because you can see into their offices. >> yes? >> and i've seen some interesting things. >> what have you seen? >> i'll tell you later. >> okay. >> it is casino of fun to deal with if you have some extra time. >> i'm working, so -- >> well ... loitering. >> how about, i'm getting a bunch of tweet from people who live up in the west torresdale area. and there is a bunch of caterpillars. now, they always have caterpillars, maple trees, across, from their houses. well, this year, there is thousands and thousands of them, more than usual. so much so, they're using brooms, shovels, to clear their situation. >> oh, my goodness. so, this infestation of eastern tent caterpillars, there are a list of people but
8:41 am
can be disastrous. >> they eat everything. >> mike there is happens every spring, especially along chesterfield road. but this year, a lot of people tell us they haven't seen this many. >> when i called the city i said i feel like we're being overcome with caterpillars here. i was in the house. i had one on my shoulder. >> yes. >> on my shoulder? >> well, what they do, they don't turn into butterflies but make big, look at those nests. >> they turn into moths. >> they turn into, yes, the caterpillar what do they call them? >> eastern tent caterpillar moth. and it is brown, and has a little stripe on it. look at them doing the worm. well, cause it is a worm. >> 84:00 # one now, what are we doing? >> oh,. >> i think checking on quincy because he's been getting ready for the dad vail regatta. >> quincy in the boat. not real a both. >> this week, dad vail regatta. these guys, the drexel rowing team, they won the event the last three years.
8:42 am
i'm trying to make them faster. come on back. see how i do.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> north street directly below the camera. i normally look in the windows of the first, well, the second floor, above the pnc bank. >> yes? >> woman in the office all the way to the left. yes, see? the offers all the way, right above the atm sign there? i wonner what her name is? >> she always working. she is always at that desk. >> oh? >> okay, i got an idea, sue. >> what's your idea? >> oh, look at her. >> okay. anyway, here is the idea. sue, listen to this. okay? >> here is the deal. >> get one of our interns, we have interns today. >> we do? >> run over to the wip building, go up there, get that woman's phone number. >> what do you want her phone number for? >> we want to talk to her. >> i always wanted, for like
8:46 am
three, four years, what does this woman do? >> i look at her all the time. what does she do? >> doesn't it look like she working? >> but what does she do? what is her job? >> her occupation? >> just curious. >> i can't wait to find. >> the plus she's casino of cute. >> that's the primary, yes, above everything else. all right, glad you're not in omaha, nebraska, getting hammered with thunderstorms for the second time this week. we have the stationary front just below us, bringing up a few showers, whole bin un of clouds, nothing much on ultimate doppler at the moment. temperatures in the 50's, everywhere, mostly mid 50's, headed to, if we're lucky, 07 degrees, 73 tomorrow. seventy-two on friday. friday, afternoon, could be an adventure with thunderstorms popping up. saturday, afternoon, just a few showers, shouldn't ruin your outdoor activities, will cool off a lot about 10 degrees on sunday. monday and tuesday, looking pretty good.
8:47 am
>> squint i harris is out on the river. now, listen to this, i believe drexel university's men's crews team. may set record this weekend. >> really? >> this will be a big weekend. >> what's the records, sue? >> these guys own this event. we call it drexel, coach, how are you doing? >> good. >> pressure? you guys won this, this tournament three years in a row? >> everybody starts off even, don't get a good start for doing well last year. >> we have two of your team members right here. we have -- junior? >> yes. >> you're senior? >> yes. >> what's it mean for you guys? >> pretty big, last year i came in second by .2.
8:48 am
>> all around the tonment here, you guys win three races this weekend? >> right. >> are you feeling snide. >> no, not at all. not at all. just excited we can show all work harmed, kinds of shows what we were capable. >> now, do you nice heal like you have advantage because you practice here every, you know, every day? >> i mean, definately helps little bit. >> i mean, makes us feel more comfortable. >> coach, i want to hop out on the boat, can we do that? give it a shot? i went to temple but is it okay for, can i hang with the drexel guy. >> we got to get you drexel gear. >> okay, going in. going in right now. >> make mist guys faster. >> how am i doing? >> killing it. >> lying to me, as well. >> so what's this? this, this right here, this
8:49 am
competition be? >> second bar. >> that's who i am hanging out with. >> and i'm trying to look at my rower here. is this -- what's it called? paddle? >> cassy, so we all just have to wok together, guys, all we're doing, just working together, just working together. >> do you think coy make the team? >> i made the team, guys. >> i believe it. >> why would you be mad? >> you got practice every day at 6:00 a.m.? >> six days a week. >> now, when it is really cold -- >> hey, thanks, q. >> so, ya. they get out there right at dawn. >> that's dedication. >> man, these guys are fit.
8:50 am
>> ever see a crew guy with a shirt off? i guess i have. >> every part every your body extra size when you're in that skull. >> that's what we should be doing. >> three dudes in the back aren't even paddling or rowing. >> maybe they wanted to give quincy his shine. >> jon bon jovi showing his support for his home state? how the you know he is a rocker. healthy in recovery of shore town, his hard by hurricane sandy all these years later. nicely done, john. pet moments are beautiful,
8:51 am
8:52 am
unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently.
8:53 am
flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything. >> good morning, everybody, 8:53, accident still working southbound lanes of 95, right near 476, causing delays in both directions, southbound at
8:54 am
the blue route, northbound, you got the gaper delay, working your way in toward the commodore barry, another accident this is westbound, turnpike, approaching the philly bensalem interchange, right at route one. and then, south on 95, about 22 minutes from woodhaven into downtown, schuylkill, just un a half hour, from conshy, in through center city. mike and alex being back to you. >> listen to there is john bon jovi opens new hunger center, to help people in new jersey that were devestated by sandy. >> wonderful. so he held grand opening yesterday, for second soul, locate in the toms river, continue dollar donation or do volunteer work for their meals. restaurant part of center which offers families and individuals in need of place for food, job training and resources to help them get back on their feet. >> nicely done, jon bon jovi. hey, i have a question. >> what's your question?
8:55 am
>> did you ever see, ever see relatives, like brother, sister, mother, son, kiss on the lips? when they see each other? >> oh, ya, i've seen that sometimes. >> what are you thinking about? >> well, i am thinking about, do you think it is cool that mom and dad make out in front of the kids? >> well, that's different than when you were -- >> should you show your spouse affection when your children are around, even or even more importantly, do you kiss your mom and dad on the lips, our brothers and sisters on the lips? >> basically, how much kiss something going on in your family? >> yes. hey, weaver big stars, kevin bacon of course, raised in philadelphia, 17 years old, then see the woman on the box on the right there? that's gianna, de laurentius, big star on the food network. cooking channel. and in my home, every weekend. >> and she's working with a local ten year old. okay? >> ya. >> the ten year old will become a star and she's in fill. >> i we'll tell you how and
8:56 am
8:57 am
what's with him? he's happy. your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> fancy events? >> okay, art museum people. tell me what it is on twitter. karen hepp is here. high, karen. >> today is cut out day on the show. >> oh, true. >> something happen at the dry cleaners? what happened? moths? >> yes, you know, we'll just take it and make the best of it. >> those caterpillar moths. >> maybe. >> did i see one in my tree, i was worried about that, then look what happened to your dress. >> see?
9:00 am
>> the stars are shining brighton good day philadelphia, we have chef gianna de lawyer ren tis, also have philadelphia native kevin bacon, both in this hour of the program. >> swimsuit for your body types, but there is one, little different. where this article of appears that has so many people upset. >> i got word, intern made it into the building, live shot, that building across from our conference room. i peak in on different offices. we should get to know our neighbors. >> gave the intern the phone number. because you want to give her a call. >> why don't we? >> zoom in all the way here. just the old iris.


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